Friday 8 December 2006

Oracle Tips - November 2006

Here are my Oracle Tips published at during November, 2006.

Import Data via a Network Link in Oracle 10g - November 7, 2006
Oracle 10g's import utility can use a network connection to directly import data from another Oracle database. Bob Watkins explains how it's done.

Group by Grouping Sets for Custom Rollups in Oracle - November 14, 2006
The GROUPING SETS option of GROUP BY lets you generate custom sets of subtotals, without seeing as many rows of output as GROUP BY CUBE. In this tip, Bob Watkins offers code samples of how to use GROUPING SETS.

Find Sequence Runs using Oracle's Analytic Functions - November 20, 2006
Bob Watkins responds to TechRepublic member Sachin Jayashekhar's question about detecting sequence runs within a group of rows, and provides a sample script that selects the first and last value in each run.

Examine User Creation Scripts before Migrating to Oracle 10gR2 - November 28, 2006
Oracle has changed the meaning of the standard CONNECT role in 10g Release 2 (10gR2). Be sure to examine any scripts your organization uses that create new database user accounts before migrating to this version.

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